Unlocking the Advantages in Human Behavior.

Human behavior drives
the success or failure
of every business.

How are your customers behaving? Why? How can improving your customers’ experience inspire them to take the behaviors that will help your business? Are the answers to these questions in the mountains of data you already have? Could a new set of signals reveal the solutions that your team is looking for? Probably, yes.

See how your customers are behaving. And why.

The closest we’ll ever get to understanding what customers are thinking and feeling is through the analysis of their behaviors. Applied Behavioral Science opens a window directly into the psyche of your customers by measuring and interpreting the nuanced behaviors that will help you make more informed business decisions. The good news is, now more than ever, there is an unprecedented number of opportunities to do so.

There is no team like ours in
the world today.

Some of the leading Behavioral Scientists in the field comprise our team of Ph.D. Psychologists, practicing specialties in Behavioral Design, Gamification Design, and Behavioral Economics. United by a desire to engage their expertise on diverse and difficult challenges, they have come together to attract and solve the greatest opportunities available on the business landscape.

What we do and How it can Help.

Behavioral Influence

We identified, amplified and influenced the most opportune online conversations surrounding one of the most important launches in our client’s long history – creating a measurable impact on the perception of the client and its new initiative.

Behavioral Signal Design™

By diving deep into the customer journey of one client, we identified a blind spot in their customer experience that we’re now bringing visibility to with a Behavioral Signal™. The projected impact of this one signal is a double-digit increase in their bottom line.

Applied Psychology

Using their unstructured consumer data, we dispelled what was perceived to be one client’s largest hurdle – and uncovered what turned out to be their biggest opportunity.

Behavioral Persona Development

This science has revolutionized how one of the largest manufacturers in the global marketplace approaches the human-machine interface (HMI) through an unparalleled understanding of their customers’ key behaviors.

Gamification Design

For a client in an industry severely impacted by COVID-19, we’ve gone beyond badges and points to identify the specific emotional rewards that motivate their customers, develop a strategy to unify that industry’s efforts, and inspire positive behavioral change on scale.

What ClearView Insights can Reveal.

Our science can unlock a variety of highly valuable findings.

Honest customer sentiment – and how to capitalize on it

The true obstacles impeding customer adoption

Untapped competitive advantages

An undetected gap in a customer journey

The most promising opportunities not yet identified inside your current business

Why a drop-off is occurring


Why the ClearView Consumer Sentiment Insights Brief is unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

Most social listening reports and tools available today offer surface-level intelligence limited to summary measures focused on the two poles: positive and negative. They do not identify actionable positions or provide recommendations that will help you take action on the online consumer conversations surrounding your industry. These reports and tools are limited by the genericized AI and machine learning algorithms that lack intelligence out of the box, leaving your organization devoid of the real insights that are being shared and expressed in the digital public space.

A scientific research report published by Ph.D. Psychologists who are experts in Consumer Behavior Design, utilizing the largest consumer sentiment databases in the world to identify opportunities and challenges in areas of the data often hidden, overlooked, or disguised in the “neutral” regions of these datasets. While even the most widely adopted tools and services simply report how positive or negative online conversations are, our Behavioral Design team delivers recommendations that are rooted in academic principle and validated with real-world corporate successes. This is how we can help you turn opportunity into growth and give you advantages your competition can’t even conceive.

Behavioral Signal Design™ – An unparalleled behavioral innovation.  

Consumer data is more than overly abundant, it’s also messy and often full of gaps. Behavioral Signal Design is how we discover, create, and evolve better KPIs that will help you measure the behaviors that matter.

An exclusive market insight is an invaluable competitive advantage.

Imagine revealing, understanding, and capitalizing on a customer insight that no competitor has even identified. That’s one goal our science can help you achieve.

How will you use us?

Our clients’ objectives are as diverse as their respective industries. If you see the potential of our services but are undecided on how to apply them, we suggest a discovery exercise that can:

Explore and map your customer journey (CX or UX) through the lens of Behavioral Design

Identify opportunities for a range of potential improvements

Reveal psychologically why drop-off is occurring – or why adoption isn’t

Identify gaps that can be replaced with behavioral signals

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The ClearView Insights team is motivated by interesting challenges with measurable and meaningful outcomes.