Determined is a data-first digital marketing agency.

Data doesn’t follow, it leads.

We’re more than a paid media firm. Unlike a transactional vender who buys your media and leaves you to it, we’re a consultive partner who stays with you, tapping the full potential of digital media tools to make your ad spend more effective and efficient than you’ve ever achieved before.

We do it by putting the true power of data to work. We’re not talking about squiggly lines and boring numbers on a sheet of paper. We’re talking about taking action, capturing deep insights and revealing the actual ROI of your spend. How many people responded to your ad and converted to a sale can be a far different number from the people who simply input your coupon code. We prove this, with full transparency. We show you what’s working, why it’s working and how to make it work even better.

Sentiment + Science =
Determined’s ClearView Insights

An exclusive market insight is an invaluable competitive advantage.

Imagine revealing, understanding, and capitalizing on a customer insight that no competitor has even identified. That’s one goal our science can help you achieve.


Determined’s strategic paid media plans are developed based on our robust understanding of audience segmentation and behavioral science. This understanding serves as the guiding light when building strategically engineered — and scalable — campaigns. We’re able to offer clients everything from a basic SEM campaign to data-driven campaigns centered around behaviors and life events that place their products and services in front of their target audience right at the moment when they can be most meaningful. The result? More conversions, more quickly, delivered at a lower cost.

Industries We Serve:

Advanced Manufacturing


Development / Construction

Development / Non-Profit





Fitness / Wellness




On Demand Services
(B2B & B2C)

Public Universities

Real Estate

Like our best clients, we think on scale.

Feeling Determined?

We’re looking for partners that are as driven to discover deeper insights and achieve new levels of success as we are. If that sounds like you, then let’s start the conversation.