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Our approach to Traditional Media is anything but traditional.

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Traditional Media (TV-Radio-Out of Home-Print) is not going away. It’s simply changing. Today, traditional media is the place where brands are built, and expectations and trust are established. With media fragmentation created by information overload, it’s now more important than ever to revisit your traditional media strategy.

At Determined, we believe that the traditional CPP and CPM based approach to media planning and buying is not very effective or efficient in this day and age. Which is why Determined uses our decades of experience and hundreds of millions in spend to create a unique “people” based approach that targets lifestyles and live programming to ensure our clients’ receive the highest ROI possible from their traditional media investment.


Broadcast / Cable 

From live news and sports programming to high-interest lifestyle reach opportunities, TV (broadcast & cable) provides an amazing opportunity for brands to engage the masses. If you’re not seeing the ROI you did in days past from your TV investment, then it’s time to revisit your strategy and #GetDetermined.



Personality driven intimate engagements

With more media options than ever for consumers, it’s easy to see why they may have a hard time knowing who they can trust. For many consumers the answer is within their radio. Which means brands have a unique, but quickly vanishing, opportunity to leverage the trust and respect top radio personalities have earned from their listeners and use them as valuable advocates for their product or service. Radio offers intimate conversations with listeners during their daily commute and gives advertisers the opportunity to gain consideration throughout the consumers’ day.

If you like the sound of getting a higher ROI from your radio investment, then it’s time to revisit your strategy and #GetDetermined.






Billboards, Transit, Outdoor Media

Out of home media provides brands with the opportunity to make a big impression. Quick value propositions can be delivered efficiently and often times with high frequency resulting in great branding. Determined believes this medium also delivers an excellent opportunity to increase results in the digital space. From a simple offer, to a quick reminder, with the right strategy and creative out of home can (still) be a very effective option to incorporate in your media plan. To see how we would plan and execute your out of home investment, you need to #GetDetermined.


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