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99% of people don’t market in the year we actually live in”      – Gary Vaynerchuk

 At Determined., we deliver tangible results.

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In today’s day and age, digital media is the most efficient and effective use of your marketing dollars. Period.

There are no shortcuts to success in digital media. That includes the “set and forget” campaign management employed by the largest digital providers. At Determined, we take the extra time to develop a comprehensive understanding of our client’s goals and their competitive landscape before creating a strategic solution for them.  It’s this human, hands-on approach to campaign management, along with our commitment to data-driven decision making, that provides our clients with a quicker path to success and a more robust ROI than any automated program can deliver.

Not seeing the ROI that you were expecting? Don’t understand your performance reporting? Are you still waiting to hear from the manager working on your campaign? Is this “manager” actually human?

If not, then, maybe it’s time to #GetDetermined.


Two factors determine the success of any PPC/SEM campaign

1) The amount we’re able to invest, which you control

2) The management optimization and refinement, which we control

When it comes to PPC and SEM campaigns, our expert knowledge about Google is what sets us apart from the competition. Our team includes Google Specialists who have earned the highest level of accreditation that Google awards to their partner agencies.  As part of our commitment to data-driven decision making, we work in lockstep with Google and collaborate regularly to produce results for our clients that are second to none. Our in-house Google Specialists will actively manage your campaign on a nearly daily basis to optimize the mix of websites our traffic is being directed towards, to ensure lower costs per click with higher conversion rates and, ultimately, an improved ROI.

Want to hear what we think about your PPC/SEM campaign? Click here for a complimentary basic audit or opportunity report form one of our multi-badged Google experts.



Highly targeted message / Highly interested eyeballs

Get in front of the right audience. Integration of your brand & message in highly targeted and relevant content often leads to either instant or increased conversions. It can also create additional opportunities to extend or revisit conversations through retargeting. Our in-house graphic artist will represent your brand through development of visually stunning display collateral to maximize the impression your brand makes. See how intelligently and strategically placed display advertising can be a cost effective winner for you. #GetDetermined.




Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat > CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX

Welcome to the broadcast networks of the future. With one out of every five page views in the United States being on Facebook, it’s clear that social media has created a whole new world for advertisers. The good news is that Determined has already adapted to the shifting media landscape, and we’ve been capitalizing on the unique opportunities social media offers for years. Follow the eyeballs, #GetDetermined.


Social media has become a staple of Determined’s media plans for both our SMBs and large clients for two reasons: The targeting intelligence and effectiveness of social media channels is skyrocketing, and the reach-based cost of traditional media continues to become more expensive and less effective. So, let us turn our passion for social media into a media plan that outperforms your current ROI. Because it’s time to realize radios and televisions don’t have a “buy now” button.

To learn how your brand, product, or service can benefit from social media and to see real-time examples of Determined’s social media campaigns click the learn more button.

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