W  E    R  E  M  O  V  E    T  H  E    F  O  G    F  R  O  M    D  I  G  I  T  A  L    A  D  V  E  R  T  I  S  I  N  G

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S E N T I M E N T  A N A L Y S I S

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P A I D  M E D I A  R E P O R T I N G

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The ClearView Pledge –

We conduct all our digital and paid social marketing campaigns with a focus on the bottom line success and in a completely transparent environment to provide clarity and instill confidence in our clients.   

Why it’s important?

At Determined, we understand the frustration the average marketer can experience when trying to understand the effectiveness of their investment in digital marketing. Too often, the lack of understanding of the products presented and the goals of a campaign, from both the client and the provider alike, leads to failure. The ClearView Pledge was created to define best practices and to serve as a “Customer’s Bill of Rights” for all digital and paid social media marketing. Determined’s ClearView Pledge should be used as a boilerplate checklist for anyone to use when vetting an agency’s digital and paid social media services, so they can be sure they have the highest opportunity for success and receive a complete and accurate summary, accountability, and transparency of the services they paid for.