W  E    R  E  M  O  V  E    T  H  E    F  O  G    F  R  O  M    D  I  G  I  T  A  L    A  D  V  E  R  T  I  S  I  N  G

R E P O R T I N G   D A S B O A R D


W  E    R  E  M  O  V  E    T  H  E    F  O  G    F  R  O  M    D  I  G  I  T  A  L    A  D  V  E  R  T  I  S  I  N  G

R E P O R T I N G  /  D A S B O A R D


The ClearView Pledge –

We conduct all our digital and paid social marketing campaigns with a focus on the bottom line success and in a completely transparent environment to provide clarity and instill confidence in our clients.   

Why it’s important?

At Determined, we understand the frustration the average marketer can experience when trying to understand the effectiveness of their investment in digital marketing. Too often, the lack of understanding of the products presented and the goals of a campaign, from both the client and the provider alike, leads to failure. The ClearView Pledge was created to define best practices and to serve as a “Customer’s Bill of Rights” for all digital and paid social media marketing. Determined’s ClearView Pledge should be used as a boilerplate checklist for anyone to use when vetting an agency’s digital and paid social media services, so they can be sure they have the highest opportunity for success and receive a complete and accurate summary, accountability, and transparency of the services they paid for.


The ABC and Ds of the ClearView Pledge

The ClearView Pledge promises a comprehensive breakdown and transparent accounting for all the critically important aspects of a campaign — essentially, the “A, B, C and Ds” of digital and social media marketing.


A All Reporting

We know that “clicks and impressions” don’t pay the bills. That’s why Determined’s campaign reporting focuses on delivering easy-to-understand and tangible results first and foremost.

Monthly reporting capabilities include:

  • Number of calls generated
  • Duration of calls
  • Call recording
  • Contact information for inbound callers
  • Requests for products/services (form submissions)
  • Clicks and impressions data

If your current digital campaign manager’s reports claim great success, but you’re not seeing that success in your bottom line, then it’s time to #GetDetermined.

 B Bookkeeping

Transparent accounting was the catalyst for creating the ClearView Pledge. Determined provides our clients with a 100% open door policy: You can call, email, or even stop by anytime to see the net spend and management fees on any of your campaigns.

If your current agency isn’t able to show their net spend payment to the platform (Google/Facebook/Instagram/Etc.) of your campaign, then it’s time to #GetDetermined.  


 C Certifications & Accreditations

It’s critical that the company handling your digital and social media campaigns has earned and maintained the highest levels of certifications and accreditations for the products and services it offers – it’s what proves their level of expertise and experience. At Determined, we have:

  • The highest levels of accreditation and certification with Google, Facebook, and Instagram
  • Google certification for every team member, including the owner
  • Two full-time “6-Badge Google Specialists” on staff
  • Blueprint certification from Facebook and Instagram in both Planning and Buying

If your agency isn’t certified or has let their certification expire, then it’s time to #GetDetermined.


D Data Procedures/Liability Insurance

CRM data integration allows digital marketers to be laser-focused in targeting potential customers and better understanding where the potential client is currently in the sales process. That said, you don’t just want to blindly turn over customer lists or provide access to CRM data to just anyone.

With the ClearView Pledge, data clients receive a comprehensive view of all internal “SOPs” that include transferring, internal access, handling, storage, and ultimately, life cycle procedures of all data. Determined employs the highest standards and safest procedures to ensure that every data security precaution is taken and we hold the industry’s most comprehensive insurance policies – including a multi-million-dollar cyber liability policy.

If you’re sharing your CRM or customer list data with an agency or digital provider that has failed to invest in data handling procedures and the peace of mind and protection of their clients that cyber liability insurance offers, then it’s time to #GetDetermined.